The Investment You Need to Know About

There are different investment opportunities available to everyone right now. Even institutions and companies which do not focus on finance and investments are already able to offer such services, and you could even do it on your own through different methods such as buying a property. With every investment opportunity, there are various risks to consider, and each also have varying rates of return offered. There are some investments wherein your money would be tied up for more extended periods compared to others. Not only that, but there are also certain investment channels wherein you would need higher amounts of capital compared to others where you only need to save up for a minimal amount. Regardless of how much you have to invest, where to invest your money, you worked hard to earn and save is a huge decision to make so that you would be guaranteed of positive and decent returns. A great investment opportunity to consider is Buy2LetCars because it has minimal risks. Still, you would also be getting good yields compared to the interest rate of return per annum of other investments available in the market.


With Buy2LetCars, you would experience a hands-off and hassle-free investment. It has a very similar model to buy to let properties, but it takes away all of the hassle related to it. When you invest in Buy2LetCars, you would only provide the company with the capital needed to buy car units, and from then on, you would already be able to earn from your money without having to decide who you would lease the car out to. You would serve purely as that – as an investor. Buy2LetCars’ partner company, Wheels4Sure, will be in charge of getting lessees for the car units that you would invest in, depending on the amount of capital you would be willing to invest with them. The target lessees are people who have bad credit rating but who can afford to have a three-year car lease, so you are guaranteed that your investment isn’t going to default. However, if you are still afraid of the risks and thinking about whether or not it is worth it, it is good to note that Buy2LetCars has a guarantee to return 85% of your capital should there be an unfortunate scenario to happen that they would be declared as bankrupt. But as of now, they have a 0% default rating with their current investors.

Capital and Returns

You don’t need to have a huge capital saved up to invest in Buy2LetCars, even though a single car unit would cost you a £14,000 invest, you can invest in the company with only £7,000. The maximum amount you could invest with them is £280,000, which would give you ownership of 20 car units that would be leased out through Wheels4Sure. With a minimum capital, you would already enjoy a 7% interest rate of return per annum. If you invest in one car unit, you will enjoy a higher IRR at 9%. However, if you invest in more car units starting at two for £28,000 up to as much as £84,000 for six car units to be leased out. If you invest more money for more car units, you will enjoy the maximum IRR of 11%. This applies to a minimum investment of £98,000 for seven units to as much as £280,000.

Investment Terms

All investments with Buy2LetCars would last for three years, which is also the same amount of the time the cars would be leased out through Wheels4Sure. Right on the first month after your investment was made, you will be able to enjoy receiving a payment through your bank account. You would get a monthly payment to return your initial capital for each month of the whole investment period, and on the 37th and final month, you would receive a lump sum to complete the amount needed to pay you back and at the same time give you your whole earnings on your investment. For example, if you have a total of £140,000 invested, you will own 10 car units. You will receive £2,673.60 in your bank account each month for 36 months, without you even doing anything. On the final month, you would receive a gross final payment of £81,530. For the whole investment term, your total gross gain would amount to £37,797.67. And the best part about it is that you are already able to receive monthly stipends at the beginning. Meaning, your money is not locked up untouched so you could use it for emergencies as you need it, or you may even have greater earning opportunities by reinvesting it through other channels.