7 Things You Didn’t Know to Do To Stop Foreclosure

Inflation and the current economic situation have put a majority population under chronic economic pressure. This has resulted in many people trying to make ends meet and failing to repay their monthly loans because of heightened expenses. A big consequence of this is a property foreclosure resulting from a borrower’s loan default.

Recently there has been a huge uptick in loan defaults and foreclosures in Canada since interest rates have soared. These have exacerbated the difficulties already present within Canada’s rate-sensitive real estate sector. Lenders generally waste no time in proceeding with the foreclosure process as soon as the loan repayment from the borrower defaults.

However, there are a number of effective ways to stop foreclosure which consumers can utilize to save their property from such a proceeding. We have listed these things that you might not know to stop a foreclosure in our detailed article below.

1.  Negotiate With the Lender

Your first and foremost priority is to get in talks with your lender when you receive your warning letter. In order to prolong the term of the loan or even to refinance the loan, you need to get in touch with the creditor. You can discuss potential solutions to solve this issue. The lender can choose to offer you an extended period or cut down on the due amount as per his interest.

2.  Put The Property On Sale

An easy option to avoid the whole situation of foreclosure is to put up the respective property on sale. This option allows you to avail of two options. One entails D.I.F. – Deeds Accepted In Lieu Of Foreclosure. In this option, you can sell the property to the lender which can save you a lot of money.

In the second option, you can conduct a short sale. This can be done with a permit from the lender. It allows the selling of the property for less amount than what price you owe on it actually.

3.  Understand Your Rights

Get one copy of this loan agreement and review it to familiarize yourself with the creditor’s potential actions in the event of nonpayment. Talking to a counseling service might assist you in comprehending the foreclosure proceedings and timelines within your area.

4.  Submit an Application for Loan Refinancing

If you’re having trouble making the loan repayments, you can submit an application for a loan modification. The creditor may be willing to work with you to modify the conditions of your loan. The creditor also might increase the loan sum if you fail to make repayments.

The loan’s settlement date might be pushed out as well which can prevent foreclosure. Your monthly repayments may decrease, however, your interest costs may increase. The last option is to refinance from ARM to a fixed-rate mortgage, which both you and the creditor may negotiate.

5.  Gain Professional Help

An important aspect to stop foreclosure is immediately getting professional help from specialists that deal with foreclosure. Despite getting into the technicalities of this issue let the experts do their work. For this purpose we recommend LendToday.ca for tailor-made strategies.

LendToday’s reliable experts are familiar with the foreclosure proceedings and therefore can help explore your possibilities to keeping your property.

6.  Bankruptcy Filing

One can escape the pressure of foreclosure by filing for bankruptcy, which might enable one to keep the property. The legal process known as an “automatic stay” prevents foreclosure after a petition has been filed for bankruptcy.

Unless this bankruptcy situation is settled or rather the creditor receives authorization to resume foreclosure is prohibited for the lender to go through with this process. With the prosecutor’s approval, the ban would be lifted.

7.  Secure A Second Source Of Financing

Another way to avoid foreclosure is to get your repayments on track. Consider boosting your earnings by acquiring another job or starting a business. This could very well be sufficient to get your finances back on track with the loan repayments every month.


There are a number of things one can do to mitigate the damage to their property and avoid creditors from foreclosing on the property. Regardless of missing repeated loan repayments or foreclosure procedures is already commenced.

Whether you want expert help on strategies for foreclosure or financial help, yo can contact LendToday.ca for maximum benefits. While this is a difficult moment, keep in mind that you have plenty of options to stop this process and gain some time. We hope this article helped you in gauging this issue wisely.