Cyprus Citizenship & Limassol Blu Marine

Imagine a location that has it all: A truly safe place to raise a family, an abundance of business opportunities and high quality of life, all packaged together in a paradisiac environment poised for a luxurious lifestyle.

No need to imagine! Limassol Blu Marine provides the perfect location for you and your family to reside. In fact, investing in Limassol Blu Marine, will allow you and your family to permanently reside in Cyprus, an EU country, by gaining citizenship.

But first, let’s start by talking about why a luxury apartment in Limassol Blu Marine is the perfect place to live.

Life at Limassol Blue Marine

The city of Limassol is a vibrant cosmopolitan city that provides a wide variety of amenities influenced by an international multi-cultural population. The city is noted for its beautiful coastline and short distance to the mountains. The project of Limassol Blu Marine is strategically placed in the ‘Aktaia Odos’ seafront street. This street is set to become the bridge between the business district of Limassol and the downtown port, cruise terminal, Shopping Malls, the Casino Resort, Golf Resorts and the Water Park, placing Limassol Blu Marine’s residents in the heart of business and pleasure.

Investment and development continue to boom in the city, thus creating a high demand for luxury property. Simply put, Limassol Blu Marine over qualifies! The stunning development has been designed and created with luxurious finishes and open space in mind. The apartments have been designed in order to take full advantage of the seafront location, with sea views available in the majority of rooms in each apartment, such as kitchens and bedrooms.

The project also features a grand sea podium that stands 9 meters tall above the sea with an impressive 4,300 sqm of open areas including an infinity pool and gardens. Blu Marine also features a bistro overlooking the sea, a gym as well as a leading spa, alongside 24-hr concierge services.

Citizenship in Cyprus

The benefits do not end here. Those who invest in properties for sale in Limassol have the unique opportunity of gaining a Cyprus citizenship. A Cypriot passport is considered among the most desirable passports to have, providing multiple benefits to its holder. The passport is granted for life and is transferable to descendants.

One noteworthy benefit is full access to the EU, as Cyprus is a member of the European Union all of its citizens have access to travel and work in the EU as well as benefit from world-class education and healthcare.

Cyprus is an international island with the majority of inhabitants speaking a high level of English and thus, there are no language requirements to becoming a citizen. This has contributed to the success of attracting international companies to the island. International companies enjoy the additional benefit of a favourable tax system in Cyprus as the island has concluded double taxation agreements with over 60 countries around the world, eliminating any double taxation of citizens with dual nationality.

These are just some of the many benefits of citizenship in Cyprus and it is all available with investment in Limassol Blu Marine. Acquire a stunning apartment in the city of Limassol which is widely recognised as Europe’s new Rivera. Yes, it is possible to have the very best of business, pleasure and lifestyle all in one location.