MBA distance learning Program Guide

With a Master of Business Administration (MBA) distance education, you qualify as a management expert. With the choice of study program, you define an individual focus from general management to tourism or environmental management. You have many options. After the distance learning you have the privilege to occupy leadership positions and to record an appealing salary in your account.

Which study content do you expect?

In particular, with the choice of the focus of your degree course in JCU’s online MBA program for Canadians you determine the content orientation. Altogether there are over 55 different characteristics. Most frequently, the institutes offer the distance learning courses in General Management or Master of Business Administration. Here you have a broad base and are open to many economic disciplines, such as marketing or communication management. If you want, you can alternatively get with an MBA in Financial Management, Entrepreneurship and Property Management. This will qualify you as a management specialist in the chosen industry.

All in all, the contents of the curriculum of your MBA distance learning course are as follows:

  • marketing
  • financial management
  • Business Administration (BWL) & Economics (Economics)
  • human Resource management
  • Business law

In addition, you can assume that you are dealing with strategic management, the basics of logistics and project management. You will also learn about leadership skills, entrepreneurship and controlling. Depending on the chosen distance learning program, your curriculum will also include subjects that correspond to the respective form. Overall, the content of the MBA distance learning course is predominantly theoretical.

Process & completion

In general, you have the opportunity to carry out the MBA distance learning extra-occupational. In this case, you divide the time between work and study yourself. For MBA distance learning you should plan from 2 to 6 semesters standard study time. If you successfully complete the distance learning course, you will generally receive the academic degree Master of Business Administration (MBA). Accordingly, these are generally academic programs that will help you graduate. However, there is also a distance learning course in which you learn the basics of the MBA in 3 months. Here you will receive an institute-specific certificate that confirms your participation in the distance learning course.

The contents of the MBA distance learning program can be learned through study books or an online campus, for example through online lectures. In addition, you often solve self-paced exercises and assignments and send them to your instructor for control. Finally, write a master’s thesis at the end of your MBA distance learning degree program, or complete the written exam at the distance learning course at home. Occasionally additional obligatory classroom seminars are included in your curriculum. Therefore, you should inform yourself before choosing your distance learning provider exactly about the appropriate curriculum.

Which requirements do you have to fulfill?

In order to get admission in the MBA distance learning course, you need a first academic degree, for example, the Bachelor, the state examination or the diploma for a Master’s degree. In some cases, your first degree must be economic or technical. However, some distance learning providers accept or require other directions that have nothing to do with this subject. In addition, you must very often have relevant professional practice over one to two years. Another admission requirement is an English test at many institutes with which you can prove your foreign language skills. In addition, it is sometimes necessary to pass an aptitude test in management.

In order to be admitted to a non-academic MBA distance learning course, you will need a middle education degree and 3 years professional experience. Since the requirements vary from distance learning to distance learning, you should be aware of the differences.